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Wintint Pty Ltd offer a wide range of automotive, home residential and commercial office window films to suit your every need. Wintint are one of the leading providers of high quality window films installed by highly trained professional window film applicators.
Wintint window films will reduce heat, glare, UV fading, increase air conditioning performance, reduce energy bills, provide security, increase safety and privacy. Live in comfort, feel safe and protected with Wintint window films.

What is window tinting?

Window tinting using film is a retrofitted upgrade to regular clear windows, installed on to flat glass. There are a number of different options when it comes to shades, grades, colours and thicknesses of film, and different types suit different properties and even different windows in the same property. For example, waterfront homes have a little extra exposure to glare and heat due to reflection from the water. This means they may need a tint that blocks more, in order to conserve energy and make the front rooms a little more liveable. For houses in the city of Sydney and the inner west suburbs, the main focus may be on safety film, which can be either tinted or clear and is designed to guard against shattering and vandalism. The bestselling tints in these areas include highly engineered energy control films, which help save customers up to 35% on their energy expenses across all seasons.

For car window tinting, the process is similar but there are different auto specific products, and extra preparation procedures to be followed due to the shape of the windows. There are also local regulations that need to be followed with regards to how darkly a car’s windows can be tinted. Wintint is up to date and familiar with all the relevant New South Wales regulation.


Wintint provide the following products for your car, home or office requirements:


  • Window Tinting
  • Premium Paint Protection
  • Fabric, Vinyl and Leather Protection
  • Electronic Rust Units
  • DVD Head Rest and Roof Mounted
  • Reverse Park Sensors & Alarms

Home & Office

  • Solar Window Tinting
  • Security and Safety Films
  • Energy Control Films
  • Frosted and Decorative Films
  • Anti Graffiti Films

How is it done?

After choosing the right individual product for your circumstances, the rest is surprisingly quick. It can be likened to applying wallpaper; the surface and the film must be prepared correctly, and any air bubbles should be eliminated with special tools. Often more than one pair of hands is required to lay a single sheet perfectly the first time, and it can take a bit of practice to get it right- that’s why it’s best to hire an experienced professional who is familiar with the characteristics of the material itself. The film then needs to ‘cure’, i.e. dry out and settle in, which requires different periods of time in different areas; from a couple of days in the often slightly windier eastern suburbs of Sydney, to over a week in western regions like Parramatta, which is prone to sudden heavy rainfall and slightly more humid conditions. Nonetheless, the initial application process only takes a couple of hours, and you can start enjoying the benefits right away.

Why choose Wintint?

Tinting is excellent value for money and very cost effective, especially when you consider the run on benefits such as energy savings, increased utility of rooms in all weather, and hazard prevention. When applied correctly by a seasoned professional from an established provider such as ourselves, it’s an almost foolproof option for saving in the long term. We even provide a mobile tinting service where we come to you!

We have serve the entire wider metropolitan region, and have car window tinting shops in three convenient locations; Brookvale, Granville and Sutherland.
Wintint offers some of the best window tinting prices Sydney wide; call us today on 1800 146 932 for a free no obligation quote.


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